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* Delgatie Castle is the current clan centre.

Dating from about 1050, the Castle's rich heritage is intertwined with Scotland's history.

Now the home of Capt. Hay of Delgatie, Feudal Baron, the Castle has largely been in the Hay family for the past 650 years since it was taken from the Earl of Buchan after the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, when Robert the Bruce routed the invading English army.

Like most Scottish castles it was rebuilt in the 16th century when the invention of seige guns demanded greater fortification. The 1570 rebuilding provided solid walls 8-14 feet thick and some of the rooms today still boast their original painted ceilings.

A few years prior to the rebuilding, Mary Queen of Scots stayed in Delagatie Castle for three days after the Battle of Corrichie in 1562.

The Castle passed out the hands of the Hays when it was bought by the Duff family. After being occupied by the army from 1940 to 1946 it was uninhabited for some years.

Capt. Hay, having returned from the service in the Indian Army, bought the castle two years after architects deemed it was too far gone to save and he embarked on the mammoth task of restoration. Even after forty years of planning and painstaking effort in improvement and refurbishing continues.

Now the Castle is well able to maintain its traditional presence in the unfolding picture of Scotland's romantic history.

      - reprinted from "Hay Happenings," Winter 1997 No. 1,
      a publication of the Clan Hay Society, American Branch


Delgatie (color)
Color photo available and provided by the Canadian Branch of the Clan Hay Society.

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