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Brussels , 14 May 2007


  2. GATHERING CLAN HAY – OOIDONK (Scottish Days -)18-19.08.2006.

Dear members,

Please find here under the reports of the events we organized this year.

You find also on the CD the program of 2006 with the names of the Hay’s which were this year honoured.

May I ask your help to inform the press in your country with the past happening and with the information of the coming happening in 2007. On 18 August 2007.

Everybody is welcome.

Note: Please check my English and make the necessary changes .


Clan member Tom Hye was estonished when he was in the offices of the Commonwealth War Grave Commisssion in Ypres in 2005.He learnt that more than 500 family/Clan members died on the Flanders Fields and in North France during World War I.Urgent time for organizing an Homage to the brave family members.

Yearly Homage

Saturday 19 August 2006 was it so far.Together with the Clan Hay Pipe Band came different Clan members from different countries to Ypres for the first Homage to a Hay 2006. At 11.45 hrs. the Clan members under escort of th Clan Hay Pipe Band marched from the Grand Place to the Menin Gate.At precisely 12.00hrs. started the special remembrance.Not under the gate ,as usual,but on top of the gate,near the panels where the 22 names of Hay’s are chiselled in .

At the moment the 4 buglers ,in Gala uniform,of the Last Post Association played the Last Post ,the hundreds of present people became very quiet-only the birds were heard.

The special honour of the Homage consisted in the call of the 22 names of the Hay’s by Jonathan Sayers - Representative of the Chief and Tom Hye – Convener of Continental Europe.

An impressive minute silent followed.

The lament was played by the Clan Hay Pipe Band .They played “Flowers of the Forrest” on such a emotional way that teers were coming down of quiet a lot of emotioned faces.

Jonathan Sayers layed the wreaths of the Clan .

The reveille was played by the Last post buglers.

As Final of the Homage,the Clan Hay Pipe Band played “From a Hay to Delgatie Castle” –the Hay hymn written and composed by Tom Hye.

The cortege returned for 12.45hrs. back to the Grand Place of Ypres.

Different members took further time for visiting Ypres and the surroundings.

Other members went already to Castle Ooidonk,near Ghent where started at 14.00hrs.the Gathering in the gardens of Castle Ooidonk during the Schotse Dagen (Scottish Days).

Please find herewith some pictures of the Homage to a Hay2006.(see Press pictures Homage to A HAY 2006)

2. GATHERING CLAN HAY – OOIDONK (Scottish Days -)19-20.08.2006.

Since Tom Hye was accepted in the Clan he was looking how organizing Gatherings on the Continent.

After searching he met by chance Johan Desmet,organizer of the “Schotse Dagen” in and around the Castle of Ooidonk in Belgium.

On 19 & 20 August 2006 ,the first Clan Hay Gathering was organized.

The participants at the Homage to a Hay came all to the Clan Hay tent.

Were present Hay’s from Belgium,France,UK Hungary.

During the happening Jonathan Sayers , Gregory Hye and Bart Hye informed the public about the history of the Clans.Jonathan ,as history expert was a great help and we thank him for his extreme large contribution to the succes of the Gathering.

In the tent was also space for first searching to Scottish roots.

Also was space for having a drink and to eat.

The Schotse Dagen are also with Highland Games,Shehards,Pipe Bands,dances and good burgundic eating & drinking.

The Clan Hay Pipe Band was present for giving nice tunes on beautifull places around the castle of Ooidonk

Please see the pictures of the tent –

1.In front of the tent : Bart Hye,Gregory Hye,Chantal Hay,Ilse & Dirk Hye ,Tom Hye,René Hye,Jean-Paul Hay(France),Elisabeth Hay(France),Jonathan Sayers-Representative of the Chief,Laura Hay and kneeling Jean-Paul Hay – are missing Jef & Martha Hay (Hungary).

(see pictures Press pictures Hay Gathering Ooidonk 2006)


In 2005 Tom Hye released a CD with a tune “From a Hay to Delgatie”.He presented the CD at the Gathering in Aboyne and at Delgatie Castle.

The pipers playing on the CD under the conduction of Philippe VERVOORT were so entusiastic that they asked the Commissioner and the Chief if they could create the Clan Hay Pipe Band .

After the agreement of the Chief ,they started on 1 January 2006 with their activities.

We are happy to introduce to you the official “Clan Hay Pipe Band.”

You find all information on their Web site :

Philippe VERVOORT is a well known Pipe Major on the continent as in the UK.

He was teacher of the most of the actual Pipe Majors of different pipe bands.

The Pipe Band has Pipers and Drummers as fantastic Dancers

They are at your service for playing for you.

Special Clan conditions for booking the band or solo pipers can be requested to Tom Hye –Convener Continental Europe: click to email

Please find here near different pictures of the Clan Hay Pipe Band.

(see Press pictures Clan Hay Pipe Band)