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First Word

This site started in 1996 as an independent project dedicated to my personal heritage, and to all of you out there who also share and appreciate the common heritage of the Scottish clan of Hay. In 1998 roundabouts, I was honored by the Commissioner and the Chief by becoming the Official Webmaster and thus Official Website for the Clan Hay.

I am posting the various tidbits of information that I discover as I research the history of my family and my family name. I live in the States (Maple Falls, WA), which unfortunately puts a bit of a damper on some of my research capabilities. So, if by chance you or someone you know is related to the Scottish clan of Hay, and has additional information that I can post, revise, etc..., please feel free to contact me. Send me e-mail. I would like to especially thank those of you who have already taken the time to respond and add to this site. After all, this site is as much yours as is mine. Thank you again. Enjoy!

David C Hay - Webmaster

What's New

07 Jun 2004 - Initiated a new look/interface for the site.

15 Mar 2004 - I installed a Bulletin Board. Anyone can login and then post and read messages on whatever topics they'd like. Feel free to send me suggestions as to more general headings too. For example, I can create even more specific areas too, such as, "messages from your local branch" that branch officers can post too.

15 Jan 2004 - added a Newsletter capability to the site.

23 Feb 2003 - added Inshoch Castle reconstruction painting and article by Andrew Spratt

11 Dec 2001 - online database functionality (onhold pending time)

8 Feb 2001
- added 2 paintings from Andrew Spratt. Old Slains and Neidpath. Andrew, who resides in Scotland, researches the history of, and paints renditions of castles and such for hobby and on commission. He has been kind enough to give the Clan website permission to show his work.
- Also, I may have a cost effective solution worked out for implementing this Clan Hay site at it's soon-to-be new URL of by the beginning of March 2001.

What's ahead in the future for this site???

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