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MacGaradh Mor

The Right Honourable

24th Earl of Erroll

Lord Hay and Slains

32nd Chief of Clan Hay

Lord High Constable of Scotland

The Commissioner
and Editor of the Newsletter
Malcolm Hay of Seaton,
Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Mrs Josephine Hay Bailey
21 Marina View
Dogdyke, Lincoln
LN4 4UT, England

- - - na at the moment - - -

Mrs Melissa Cubitt
99 Harbord Street, London, SW6 6PN, England

Please address all correspondence to the Secretary:


In 1951 the Chief in Clan Council decided to form a CLAN HAY SOCIETY with the following objects:-

  1. The promotion of a spirit of kin and fellowship between all the various branches of the Clan all over the world, and encouraging friendly intercourse and reciprocal hospitality amongst them. The Sponsoring of Clan gatherings of all kinds, and making grants towards the expenses thereof. The establishment of a benevolent fund for the higher education of members and the administration of funds given or bequeathed for a specific charitable purpose. The fostering and maintenance of an interest in Scotland, as the land of our origin, and in her history and material prosperity. The collection and preservation of the history and traditions of the Clan and all its branches and of historical works of art, antiquities and relics connected therewith. The research into, collection and integration of the genealogies of the members. The publication of literature, and the reproduction of works of art, illustrative of the history and traditions of the Clan.
  2. When funds permit; to acquire former Hay lands and settle members theron.
  1. Those bearing the names HAY or MAC GARAIDH. Those bearing the names derived from (1) (e.g. De La Haye, Hayes, McGara, etc.) Those bearing the name of a sept or allied family, such as Erroll, Gifford, Leith, etc. Those claiming descent from families who lived on Hay lands, whos ancestors thus formed part of the Hay following (e.g. Beagrie.) Those claiming descent from families allied to the Hays by Bond of manrent (e.g. Leask.) Descent from or marriage to one of the above.
  2. Associate membership is open to anyone interested in the activities of the Society, if recommended by a branch, or the Commissioner.

    All members are subject to the approval of the Chief.

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