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I'm seeking to supplement the costs involved in maintaining this site online by implementing a sponsorship program.

If you are interested in sponsoring the website: I'm open to easy negotiation as really, any donations will help... I reserve the right of course to only allow sponsors where their content is in good nature.
The format for how ads will be shown will be evolving over time as it will mainly depend on the number of sponsor requests received.

Site Statistics: Currently the site now receives over 1,400 hits/mo. (roughly 104,000 hits since inception in 1996 when I started it)

contact -> David C Hay - Webmaster

About the current sponsors: - another project by yours truly. - my supplemental home business project.. (Of course when it or my other projects actually make me a decent sustainable income, I won't exactly need to have a sponsorship program, Ha! Well at least personally. Though it would be nice to still be able to spread any proceeds around to other conveners and related projects etc..) - Provided financial support and a place to live with food on the table for 5 years ;-)
Barbara Hay - webmaster's Ma, donating time and $ for the Convening trips this year (2006). Purchased material and his helping with the making of new shields for the convener display.

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