The original incarnation of this site started out as a personal project back in 1996. Back when the internet was still new, and there were maybe only 2 or 3 other Clans that had Anything online. With anything I could find scouring the Portland and then Seattle public library (alas Google did not yet exist, and the internet was still new), I just started posting whatever I found that was interesting off of my personal business website. The site thus started to grow, and with more and more traffic… By 1998, the Chief and Commissioner had discovered my site, and since I seemed to “have a handle on what I was doing” , they formerly asked me if I wouldn’t mind being The Official Clan Hay Society website. Naturally I said you bet! 🙂

2010 is when the Chief started utilizing the ClanHay.org URL (from which, the clanhay.com, clanhay.net and clanhay.org URL versions I had managed to wrestle away from cyber-squatters circa 1999 that were trying to ransom them for extortion prices, hah!) for operations of the main Clan Hay Society headquarters branch. The American Branch started using the ClanHay.com URL, and then I continued the ClanHay.net here more as a launch point for the public interactive Clan Hay forum. The latter of which, I am now working on to finally get it running again.

Currently, with some collaboration help with the new PNW Convener Robert Ayers, I’m updating this whole site here to add features that might make it an easier format go-to for a higher interactive hub between Conveners and the public, Clan goings-on, the Merchandise area, as well as my personal project of getting the Public Forum back up and running. All of my original content (History, Castles and pics, etc) I’ll work back in as I go.

– David Hay
(American Branch PNW Convener (OR/WA) 1997-2019)