2010 - Dec 23
Migrating to a new server, so the Forum will be down for a couple more days til I get it's database reworked in.
2010 - Nov 21
  • Congratulations to the new Official Website for the Clan Hay Society - Main Scotland Headquarters - ClanHay.org (They never actually let me know they intended to create a different one, dohh!? No worries.) It looks great! I believe it went live earlier this year offhand. Anyways, it has been a great honor that the Chief and Commissioner (back in 1998) had honored my site to have been the Official Site for so many years (1998-2010). I will continue to make updates to this site periodically, as that was my intention since 1996 when I first began this site. The Public Forum here is still alive and active, and remains the only online public forum where you can personally and actively participate with fellow clan members world wide. It has been great to always see fascinating dialog amongst members of our Clan worldwide over the years in our Forum, from the breaking of the news of the revamp of New Slains, and all those threads pertaining to the intriguing history of Hay and Rosslyn Church as depicted in the "Davinci Code." I don't see a forum on the official site, and I have no idea if they intend to create one there, so feel free to continue to use this one, as there is a wealth of tidbits throughout the forum as I have been running it since 2004. As always, this website is for you!
    - David Hay
  • Beginning some overhaul of the site here. Updating look, cleaning up dead links, adding info, etc... I'll re-add content as I go (So some of the nav links will remain dead until I get to them).
2009 - Aug 5
Chief of the Clan Hay on STV - Scotland TV
Rodney Village - American Branch President - STV spot
- thanks Tom Hye for those links!
2008 - Aug -31 - I got the New Forum up now.. Yay. The old database was successfully recovered. All your former usernames and passwords should be intact as well. I'll adjust the "look" at a later date. This should work for now. New URL address for the Forum = http://forum.clanhay.net
2008 - Aug 6 - main server went down over the weekend. Still recovering old files to the new server. Hopefully the Forum will be back up and running in another week or so. I might take the time to upgrade it too, since it was getting riddled with spammer hack attempts. Not sure yet whether the previous database will be intact though.
2007 - May 14
- Added "Continental Europe" to the world regional clan hay links (left sidebar of this page). There's a bit more to do for the Europe section as Tom sent me a good bunch of material for it. So stay tuned.
- I accidentally broke the navigation link part of a few of the other regional pages it looks like (ooopsie). I'll fix 'em soon as I can...
- I reset the home counter.. as I discovered it hadn't been tracking since prob. last Nov.when I made a server move. We're at a good 120K! hits overall though since 1997 when I started it.

2007 - Apr 26
The Clan Hay Forum will be down for a day or so for some maintenance and server changes. ('tis back up now)

2007 - Feb 18
The Clan Hay Forum is Back Up and Live!.. Yay. Let me know if something seems skewy. I've updated it to the latest version of the software, so hopefully nothing got broken.

2007 - Jan 12
Held back a bit from my business projects (from the rework needed to turn the Forum live again). Hopefully I'll be able to get to it soon! I've missed it too!

2006 - Nov 27
Undergoing a physical server hosting change. The Forum will be down for a bit as I reconfigure, make adjustments, do backups, etc... Hopefully it will be back up by into Fri. Dec. 1st. I'll send out a newsletter (you can sign up bottom of this page) notifying you folks when it is back up.

2006 - Aug 07
Added a location map of where
the Hay Castles are located on
a map of Scotland.

2006 - July 27

Photo journal from the American Branch 2005 Tour are up at the American Branch Clan Hay website here.. Great pics from Roger Peeples! I'm jeaolous, I wanna go next time! ;-)

2004 -Nov 19
New Slains Castle - reconstruction / development plans??
If anyone hears more on this, let me know and I'll post it.
You can read the Clan Hay Forum thread on it here (updated 2006, July 24)